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Coaching for your career and business, with Mel Ward

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What I Offer

Here’s what I do. For more information, click on the orange buttons below or get in touch using the contact form.

1. Start your Career

Are you at the start of your career and unsure of which route to take? Want to succeed in a highly competitive competition, campaign or interview? Would you like to discover your unique strengths and talents and land your dream job? I help my clients reach their ideal career destination. Benefit from my experience on three sides of the table – as a coach, candidate and recruiter. Added bonuses: I’m an ex-economist and a native English speaker. 1-to-1 coaching sessions are by live video.

2. Grow your Career – Marvellous Me

Unearth and leverage your true potential. Discover your natural talents. Address any perceived weaknesses. Find out what differentiates you from others and unlock your competitive edge. Develop whatever you do best towards excellence to the benefit of your career and life. We start with a complimentary discovery session to check we’re a good match and to answer your questions. 1-to-1 coaching sessions are by live video, so we’ll meet wherever you are.

3. Leadership & your team

Some dedicated time to explore your role. How can you be a better manager? Solve a specific problem in your team or hierarchy. Harness your natural strengths alongside those of your team. We start with a complimentary discovery session to check we’re a good match, to discuss the topic(s) you’re bringing to coaching and to answer your questions. All being well, we’ll then meet twice a month (or more frequently to start with). 1-to-1 coaching sessions are by live video, so we’ll meet wherever you are.

4. Change in your Career – Beyond the Plateaus

Feeling over-stretched, stuck, unrewarded, uninspired, or in the wrong place in your current job? Is there something about your professional every-day that you need to change? Perhaps you’re considering an entirely new occupation? Find a new way forward. A new motivation. Get your enjoyment and performance soaring. We start with a complimentary discovery session to check we’re a good match, to discuss your topic(s) for coaching and to answer your questions. 1-to-1 coaching sessions are by live video.

5. Grow your business

Are you a professional who wants to start their own business? Or you already have a business and would like to know the exact actions you need to take to grow it to the next level? This coaching is a powerful combination of money mindset coaching and concrete business actions. We start with a complimentary discovery session to check we’re a good match, to discuss your topic(s) for coaching and to answer your questions. We’ll meet twice a month (or more frequently to start with). 1-to-1 coaching sessions are by live video.

6. 20-Minute Clinic

Want to pick my brains on a work-related or coaching topic for 20 minutes? This is a service for my existing clients, past clients and broader professional community. If you’re looking for some quick input on a pressing issue, here’s your chance.

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What’s Career Coaching?

Career Coaching is about closing the gap between where you are and where you want to be in your career. Coaching helps you get clear on what you really want in this vital area of your life. It helps you to get unstuck, set a clear direction, move past barriers and (re)gain motivation and momentum. You take positive action to address any frequent sources of irritation, stress, dissatisfaction, or boredom in your typical working day. You challenge your current thoughts and habits to create more joyful work experiences. Career coaching is about creating new opportunities and shifting from being a pawn in your circumstances to being the queen (or king) of them.

What does a Career Coach do?

A Career Coach helps you to identify the best career path for you and find out if anything’s holding you back from it. I listen and ask questions. I’ll help you discover what you want and paint a vision for your future. I’ll help you build self-awareness, develop your strengths, and fulfil your potential. Together, we’ll identify action steps towards your personal and professional goals. This is not just about climbing ladders or seeking new horizons. It’s about creating a better working environment – along a huge variety of dimensions! – today. In short, through coaching, I help you create the work-life you want.

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Do you need a Coach?

Do you achieve yourself into roles and routines that risk burning you out? Are you kind-hearted and courageous and could do almost anything, yet feel stuck mostly doing what other people want and need? Have you lost “you” along the way and have forgotten or sidelined your goals, dreams and what you need? Do you have a hard time finding your inner voice and especially trusting what it says? Deep down, do you know you have to address or change something – you’re just trying to summon the courage or energy to make that change? Are you frequently longing for something specific or simply something better? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then reach out for a complementary discovery session.

What’s my style?

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I partner with you to determine the objectives of your coaching overall and of each coaching session. Do you have a specific problem, annoyance or dilemma you’d like to work through? Where would you most like to experience change? Do you have a specific goal you’d like to reach? or a new vision you’d like to create?

Together, we explore any problems, barriers or doubts holding you back. Using a variety of techniques, we’ll look at ways to broaden options and to break through anything making you feel stuck. We’ll apply curiosity, creativity and skill to design optimal new ways for you to show up in your working life.

We identify a plan to enable you to move forward and you’ll start taking steps. These should have you making steady progress in the right direction for you. If and where necessary, we refine and review. Once you’ve achieved what you want, we might still meet occasionally to ensure you’re still on track. You’ll find that the positive progress you’re making spills over and benefits other areas of your life too.

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about me

Here are my credentials: After university studies in Economics and Psychology, I became an academic on career-related issues, with over 50 publications to my name. A few years later, I branched out into policy-making and advising top & senior management in three international institutions. Now, I help my clients navigate their working lives as a life, career and business coach. I’m an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) from the International Coaching Federation (ICF), a Gallup certified Strengths Coach, a certified Martha Beck Wayfinder Coach (Harvard professor, best-selling author and coach) and a certified Hello 7 Business Coach.

Associate Certified Coach (ACC), International Coaching Federation (ICF)
Gallup Certified Strengths Coach
Certified Martha Beck Wayfinder Life Coach
Certified Hello 7 Business Coach
MA Hons, MSc & PhD Degrees in Economics
Over 20 years of Experience in International Institutions
Specialist in Employment & Career issues
2 years of university study in Psychology

Why choose Live in Wisdom?

I’ll be your thought-partner, ally, and accountability-board

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I’m a deep listener. I bring with me a non-judgemental, intentional, in-the-moment awareness. I hold space for you to safely and openly discuss your topic. I ask questions. Through coaching, we work together, in a supportive, constructive and creative process.

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made JUST for you

We work on the topics and issues that you identify. Every coaching session is different and unique. The techniques and approaches I use are entirely tailored and personalised to you and the issues at hand. I’ll give you feedback, hold you to account and challenge you when needed.

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Our coaching sessions will identify action steps. Between sessions, I encourage you to check-in, to record and share your wins, to give progress reports. You’ll have my continued e-mail support – for taking those steps, for updates and for feedback.

We’re not a good match if you’re not ready to own your future, accept a challenge, dig deep inside yourself, and put in the work.

The sources of some of my credentials