One to One Coaching

Whatever your role, 1-to-1 coaching is tailor-made according to your needs. We work on the topics you identify and every session is unique.

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Is something about work frequently on your mind these days?

Do you:

  • Wake up at night worrying about something work-related?
  • Need to make a difficult, work-related decision?
  • See the risk of burning out or the need to create more space and build stronger boundaries around your free time?
  • Want to have more of an impact at your current workplace?
  • Long for new horizons or a role that inspires you and uses your skills and potential?
  • Want to identify and leverage your talents, or/and those of your team, for stronger performance?
  • Seek to influence, lead, recognise or motivate others more effectively?
  • Want to experience greater recognition and reward for your efforts?
  • Want to deal with a problematic workplace relationship?

Perhaps one of these sounds familiar to you:

It’s 9.30 pm, and you’re exhausted, but you won’t go to bed because you haven’t had a minute to yourself all day.

You watch Netflix, perhaps with some snacks and a glass of something, because no one is asking for you at this moment.

You plan to watch just a couple of episodes, but it turns into four or five, and before you know it, it’s late, and now your mind is active.

Against your best judgement, you check your e-mail and there are new messages needing your attention, sent late.

Now you’re irritated.

It’s 1.00 am. You’re not going to get enough sleep again.


It’s noon, and you’re hungry, but picking up a sandwich would break your flow, and the team is depending on you to deliver.

You’ll have to miss Tim’s leaving drink, and there’s an ‘urgent’ list to complete before collecting Jo from school.

Your energy levels are ebbing.

You didn’t use to have a problem getting things done…

But this used to be more fun. You feel like a machine on overload.

You haven’t been out with your partner or friends for… months.

And the boss has suggested you’ll need to shift your leave plans again next week.

That sinking feeling comes over you again.

Want to dedicate some quality time to work through whatever’s on your plate?

Do you feel you’ve lost sight of your original ambitions?

Would you like your career or business to develop, but you’re unsure of exactly how?

Perhaps you’d benefit from taking some quality time to think about some critical elements.

You can find honest and accurate answers to your questions with the help of a professional and objective coach.

The 1-on-1 coaching process is simple:

  • We meet on Zoom for a complimentary discovery session.
  • We discuss what’s on your mind, and you ask any questions.
  • We check if we’re a good fit – if I can help and if coaching sounds right for you.
  • You fill in my intake forms, and we start working together.
  • The duration of the coaching relationship is usually around 6 to 12 months. 3 months is the minimum recommended.
  • A block of dedicated time just for you and your future.

How can you work with me?

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