Leadership Coaching

As a manager, you’re the most important contributing factor to your organisation’s success.

You hold a lot of responsibility – for your own performance, for each team member’s performance and for the team’s collective performance.

On top of that, you’ll be carrying out your organisation’s strategy, targets, mission and values.

Research shows that managers (through their strengths, their own engagement and how they work with their team every day) account for at least 70% of the variance in team engagement.

  • Would you value some dedicated time to explore and reinforce your natural strengths and develop your management style?
  • Are you struggling to build trust, share opinions, clarify expectations & needs, make decisions, recognise contributions, and/or move from resisting change to leading it?
  • Are you successfully leading your team through any challenges related to workplace diversity, remote working, matrix management, digitalisation, mobilisation and workplace flexibility?
  • Are you effectively responding to the shifting priorities of your organisation and of the individual personalities in your professional life?
  • Does your team suffer from weaknesses in its strategy, its relationships, its processes, or its execution?
  • Perhaps you want to increase the engagement of your team?
  • Would you benefit from learning more about the individual strengths and talents of your team members and how they combine into team performance?

This coaching package explores your natural talents as a manager and as a leader of people.

We’ll examine how your strengths and talents affect your perspective and leadership style and contribute to your success and those of your team.

We’ll consider strategies to maximize your effectiveness and manage any blind spots.

We’ll also investigate what your organization expects of you and your work, looking into the most important challenges you and your team currently face.

Discover what makes you a great manager.

What’s on offer?

1 to 1 Leadership Coaching:

  • The one-to-one coaching for managers package includes six, 1-hour, live sessions on Zoom, that’s typically 3 months of coaching.
  • Every session is individualized for your management role and for you.
  • We meet twice a month (or weekly to start with) on zoom.
  • You choose the day and hour of our first session directly from my calendar. If your schedule allows, we meet at that regular time, also for future sessions.
  • Your coaching is supported by regular accountability and check-ins.
  • We jointly agree follow-up actions for you to put into practice after each session to help measure & track your progress.
  • You receive unlimited e-mail support between sessions (I respond within 24 hours, weekdays only).
  • If preferred, this package can be organised as an intensive VIP day (5 hours + breaks on one day).
  • You have the option for our sessions to include a strengths evaluation of your team (please ask for more details, additional fees apply).

Your investment? 

This fully personalised 1-to-1 coaching package costs 1500 euros (plus VAT if applicable).

How to sign up?

Book a complimentary discovery session to meet me, discuss your situation, ask any questions you may have about leadsership coaching, and check if we’re a good fit.

For more information about one to one coaching, read the frequently asked questions page or get in touch using the contact form.