Coaching for Managers

As a manager, you’re the most important contributing factor to your organisation’s success.

You hold a lot of responsibility – for your own performance, for each team member’s performance, the team’s collective performance, plus a whole load more.

The results of large-scale opinion surveys show that employees expect their managers to:

  • see and know what’s going on in their organisation and team
  • develop or convey a clear and compelling strategic vision for their team
  • win team-buy-in into this vision and have their team align it with their work
  • discover and utilise the strengths and natural talents of their staff
  • provide their team with the necessary tools, resources, clarity, expertise and guidance to do their jobs
  • support, counsel, engage, motivate, coach and develop their teams
  • shield them from above, provide them with opportunities & visibility and publicise their work
  • create psychological safety within the team and create a local cultural model in line with an institution’s values
  • meet business delivery expectations
  • manage change, conflict, problem-solve, be adaptable and collect feedback
  • recruit new team members
  • reach out to and negotiate with suppliers, peers, stakeholders, senior managers, teams, administration and security services
  • build the top line and keep within the bottom line of the area budget
  • … and more….

That’s a heavy list for anyone to be trying to carry on their shoulders.

That’s why supporting managers is central to my coaching practice.

Great managers tend to be strengths-based, engagement focused and performance orientated.

As a manager, in coaching we’ll seek an individualised approach for you (and when relevant, also your team):

  • What specific problems do you face in your role as a manager?
  • Would you value some dedicated time to explore and reinforce your natural strengths and management style?
  • Perhaps you want to address a weakness?
  • Do you want to increase the engagement of your team?
  • Want to learn more about the individual strengths and talents of your team members and how they combine into team performance?
  • Are you seeking to build trust, share opinions, clarify expectations & needs, make decisions, recognise contributions, and/or move from resisting change to leading it?
  • Does your team suffer from weaknesses in its strategy, its relationships, its processes, or its execution?

If you are interested in any of the above, reach out for a complementary discovery session using the button below.

What’s on offer?

1 to 1 Coaching package for Managers:

  • Twice monthly (or weekly to start with) one to one coaching for managers sessions are held on zoom, individualized for you.
  • Each session lasts 60 minutes.
  • You choose the day and hour directly from my calendar to best fit your schedule and lifestyle. If your schedule allows, we meet at that regular time, also for future sessions.
  • You have the option to receive a written transcript of each session, so you can review your learnings in your own time.
  • You receive unlimited e-mail support between sessions (I respond within 24 hours, weekdays only).
  • We jointly agree follow-up actions to put into practice after each session, to help measure & track your progress.
  • Your coaching is supported by regular accountability and check-ins.
  • You have the option for our sessions to include consideration, or even coaching, of your team (please ask for more details, additional fees may apply).
  • The one to one coaching for managers package covers 6 sessions, that’s typically 3 months of coaching, and can be renewed according to your needs.
  • Your investment? This fully personalised 1-to-1 coaching package costs 1250 euros.

For more information about one to one coaching, read the frequently asked questions page or get in touch using the contact form.