Client Testimonials

What people say about coaching with me

My experience of coaching with Mel was incredible. I’ll use a metaphor if I may. It was like visiting one of those special tailors – the really good ones. She crafted a coaching suit perfectly tailored to me – fitting in all the right places. When I entered the shop, I didn’t know what I wanted or needed. When I came out, I felt like a million dollars – ready for any occasion. I felt as best prepared as I could be.

Ivan L, Brussels

Mel assisted me with niggling self-doubts and moments of lost confidence. She’s a very attentive listener and used a plethora of good tools to work through issues. She’s also very engaging and I came away from every session feeling uplifted and more confident.


The coaching with Mel was amazing. I felt really heard. I enjoyed the whole process of setting a goal for the session and discussing any shifts at the end. I also liked the coaching / mentoring split we decided on, which truly suited my needs and was very helpful. Before coaching with Mel, I was feeling lost career-wise and wasn’t sure what to do next, how to move on from where I was. Through our coaching, I discovered a lot about what I wanted, about myself as a person, and my natural strengths. I became more aware of what works for me and what doesn’t and that I have a choice. Coaching increased my confidence and helped me to take my next career step. I got unstuck and changed the way I approached things. As a result, I secured a new dream job, one that makes my CV shine and that I‘m very excited about.

MARINA K, Frankfurt

The coaching with Mel has been such a great boost to starting my new business. She has helped me to find a strategy, to prioritize and to inject the project with hope. Mel stands by your side, believes 120% in your capacity and success and challenges you to dream and think bigger than you dare to do on your own. Besides being warmhearted and a fantastic listener she has the capacity to lift you up and gently push you forward in your process, all while inspiring you to trust yourself and follow your inner voice. I’m very happy to have met Mel on my business adventure and I’m grateful for the stability, direction and positive outlook she and her coaching have given me. I warmly recommend her coaching to others.   

Cecilia W, Stockholm

Mel was able to provide me with personalized guidance based on my specific strengths, which assisted me through a very difficult period at work. She could understand me as a person, and her patience and positive guidance were invaluable. I noticed a large improvement in my performance and experienced an incredible confidence boost.

JULIA K, Brussels

Mel is an incredible business coach. She took me from stuck to moving in our very first session. She is both compassionate and empathetic with phenomenal vision and a strong aptitude for uncovering what you’re not seeing yourself. I highly recommend working with Mel.

Bridget S, Colorado

Before coaching with Mel, I was feeling overwhelmed by my workload – trying to work on way too many things, with little focus. Coaching helped me to stop with all of that. Mel was very patient and quickly adjusted to my needs on a specific day. Particularly useful was an exercise where I learned to focus on one thing: really see it and appreciate its beauty. Coaching showed me how to gain focus, narrow tasks down, prioritize, and free space for new ideas. I discovered my natural talents and accepted that I can’t do everything, all at once. I also learned the benefit of just doing nothing sometimes, to give myself some space. Positive thoughts and innovate ideas just pop up now. Our coaching also helped me to feel much calmer and to recognize the benefits of speaking from the heart, of being more open.

MATEJA G, Brussels